Browsers usually store all the data you enter in input fields. So, next time the user starts filling a form field then they get a suggestion to fill that field or all fields for which data is available.

Autofill in forms does save a lot of time for users however sometimes it is not desirable to have this feature. In WPForms you can turn off with the help of Booster for WPForms plugin.

Steps to Turn off AutoComplete in WPForms

  • Download and Install Booster for WPForms from WordPress plugin repository. It is a free plugin to extend WPForms functionality. You can go to your website’s dashboard, then under Plugins -> Add New and then search for ‘Booster for WPForms’.
  • Once you have installed and activated the plugin then go Forms -> Settings menu. Here navigate to Booster tab and then check the ‘Browser AutoComplete’ option. This setting will enable the option to turn off ‘Browser AutoComplete’ on per form basis.
  • Now edit the form for which you want you to want to disable autocomplete. Go to Settings -> General and then check ‘Turn off browser autocomplete for form’ option.
  • Now the browser suggestions for filling the form will stop working for users.

Let us know in the comments section if you need any help with this tutorial.

Does this work on all modern Browsers?

We have tested it on latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge. If you find that it is not working on any old version of these browsers then do leave a comment below and we will investigate if it is possible to support that browser.