Gravity Forms is a developer friendly plugin due to which it can be easily extended to add new functionality. Most of the day to day use features are accessible directly from the form builder. There are some advanced features which are only available once you enable them using Gravity Form’s hooks and filters.
In this article, we will explore how to show a confirmation page with all the filled form information to users before they submit it. This is particularly useful in forms where an error in submission could be a major problem.

Gravity Forms pre-submission review page

Gravity Forms pre-submission review page

Here are a couple of use cases which I think should use a confirmation page

  • Consider that the form is used in the banking sector to transfer money from one account to another. Once the user has filled all details like account number, amount etc and then instead of immediately submitting the form it is better to show the confirmation page with all the details so, that user can take another and modify if required.
  • Consider that there is a large multi-page form. Once the user reaches the last page which has all the filled data shown in a presentable manner then it becomes easier to review and spot any mistakes for him.

Before we begin with this tutorial here are a few things to keep in mind

  • You shouldn’t paste this code in your theme’s function.php instead you should first create a child theme and use its functions.php
  • Only modify the code as suggested otherwise you risk breaking the site.
  • Please do watch the video in this article to see the steps in action.

How to use (gform_review_page) filter.

You can apply the review page filter for all your Gravity forms or for a specific form. Paste the below code in the child theme’s function.php file.

Apply filter on all the active forms.

Apply filter on a particular form.

Here is the video tutorial for show pre-submission page