Gravity Forms is one of the most popular WordPress Form builder plugin with a highly active developer community and plenty of addons to extend its functionality.

Gravity Forms to Google Spreadsheet addon lets you connect your form with Google spreadsheets so that whenever a new entry is created on your site then it automatically gets populated in the spreadsheet as well.

The addon doesn’t put any restrictions on how many forms you connect to Google spreadsheet.

Here are the Features of Google SpreadSheet Addons

  • You can select the spreadsheet which you want to connect with the form. If you have multiple sheets in your spreadsheet then you can also select to which sheet you want to send the data to.
  • Each form field can be mapped with the headers of the sheet. So, when the form is submitted then the submitted data is placed under the proper header.
  • You can connect as many forms as you want with spreadsheets with this addon.

FAQs for Google Spreadsheet Addon

  • Does this addon support file uploads field?

Yes, it will send the link of the uploaded file to google spreadsheet.

  • Are there any limitations regarding how many entries can be sent per day?

No, there isn’t any limitation imposed by this plugin.

  • Will it also import the old entries to the spreadsheet?

No, it only sends entries which are created after activating this plugin.